"Coaching for Growth, Authenticity and Fulfillment"

How I work as a coach

“It is my gift to connect with people and help them find themselves and in the process their talents and uniqueness.”

nautilusMy gift and greatest strength is to combine a high level of empathy with an analytical mind. While my heart connects with my clients and draws them out, my mind sorts through the data and cuts to the essence and to the underlying messages of self.

In my coaching I do not separate between different roles we find ourselves in (personal, partnership, family, work, friends, community), but I rather work on integrating and balancing these different facets of being into an authentic life.

I see clients in person or coach them over the phone – whatever works best for them. The frequency of our sessions depend on the clients’ individual needs and circumstances. For some it makes sense to meet every week, while for others once every two weeks is enough. Coaching engagements vary from client to client and can last between a couple of months to several years. In between sessions, I am available for email exchanges or text messages which I also use as tools for check ins and for following up on commitments.

Clients that find my approach most beneficial are open to taking a closer look at themselves, to question old assumptions and stories, to go deep in order to move forward, to discard outlived habits, to take risks, to experiment with life and to learn new things.


Coaching Philosophy

quote open Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.quote close
Chinese proverb

Our journey through life is not a straightforward, linear process, but rather unfolds in an upward moving spiral: chapters of being on top of life and feeling good about ourselves, give way to chapters of being out of sync, of feeling stuck, lacking a sense of direction and the passion to continue the way we have before.

These darker moments of our life are characterized by emotional distress such as pain, sadness, listlessness, crankiness, discontentment, and depression. These feelings cannot be avoided and are instrumental in eliciting the longing for change and growth.

If it were not for these feelings, we would never muster the courage to leave our zone of comfort and take on new challenges. Fear of the unknown, lack of control, a whole chorus of inner dragon voices whispering to us many reasons why we shouldn’t dare to change will prevent us from moving forward.

The more fierce the longing for personal growth, the better equipped we are to go in search of our inner truth. We will know when we are true to ourselves because this is the moment when we feel most alive and vibrant. If we are living authentic lives, we will possess abundant energy and drive, achieve a healthy balance in our life and feel happy.

Through life coaching, you will reconnect with yourself and your true callings, with your deepest desires, needs and wants. You will be able to give new meaning to your life. Once being aligned with your life’s purpose, you will feel alive, vibrant, energetic, excited and on top of things once more.

Coaching mission

“The goal of coaching, and of depth coaching in particular, is to help people engage in a conscious and intentional process to create their own lives and live out their own dreams.”
Patricia R. Adson, Depth Coaching


It is my coaching mission to bring the essence of my clients from the shadow into the light – to help them find their authentic self and to express it in the world.

My underlying belief is that we all are given a special gift at birth which is our uniqueness, our life’s theme or purpose. Our journey through life is meant to bring forth our gift and to share it with the world. As we move through the different chapters of our lives (our teen years, twenties, thirties, forties, etc.), we will change and grow as human beings and the desire to become who we are meant to be will gain in fortitude the older we get.

My passion is to help others discover and embrace who they are. In connecting my clients with their purpose, I fulfill my own life’s purpose.