"Coaching for Growth, Authenticity and Fulfillment"

What is coaching?


Coaching is a partnership formed between client and coach with the objective to help the client identify and reach specific goals. The purpose of life coaching is to guide the client through transitions toward directed, fulfilled, and meaningful lives.

Coaching is a catalyst for change, an experience rather than an intellectual activity.

The coach acts as the change agent by being fully present, by deeply listening, and by asking powerful questions.

What coaching is not

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Coaching is not therapy. A coach is not taking care of a needy client and tending to his mental sufferings. Therapy is about healing psychological wounds inflicted by past experiences. Coaching is about bringing forth our authentic selves and moving toward a desired future.

Coaching is not consulting. A coach is not giving advice and leading the client towards prescribed goals.

Consulting is about providing answers. Coaching is about eliciting the answers from within the client.

How to start the coaching process?


The relationship between coach and client is pivotal for success. If the chemistry is not right, or the coach’s style is not in line with the client’s way of operating, the coaching will not lead to the desired outcome.

Therefore, I am offering a FREE initial session where we can get to know each other, explore your coaching issue, and determine whether we are a good match. If we agree to work together, all we need to do then is to arrange the logistics (frequency of hourly sessions, whether it will be in person or over the phone and coaching fees). So contact me today! I look forward to talking with you.

What are the characteristics of a coaching Client?

How do you know that you need coaching?