"Coaching for Growth, Authenticity and Fulfillment"

Sharon’s story

Sharon came to coaching because although she was living out part of who she was, she felt like she had left something important behind, a part of herself she could no longer access. She wanted to smell the roses again and reconnect with that part of herself that she had loved and didn't know how to find her way forward to - her Soul and her Joy.

We worked first on rediscovering this hidden part of herself, this part she had cherished but that had somehow become deeply buried.

We looked at moments in her life when she had given expression to this part of her essence, and when and where she had lost it or given it up. We explored how she could discover it again and how she could hold on to it.

We looked at what she had to let go of in order to integrate this elusive part back into her adult selfhood and searched to find and implement the courage to make it happen. By owning this important but suppressed part of herself once again, Sharon feels more complete, authentic, and happy. arrow

Here is what Sharon has to say how my coaching has helped her:

"Conny is a coach that coaches from the Soul. She is not content with superficial insights, she challenges you to touch the root and core of your true inquiry and search for whatever is truly on your heart. She is a person of true depth and perception and has a unique gift to combine compassion and kindness, strength and integrity with courage and honor and toughness. Wow. She provides the kind of coaching that sticks with you. Lessons and insights that don't fade but stay with you and allow you to build upon them. In that way, you truly grow. I came to her in search of things I couldn't put a name to, though I had the basics outlined. I want balance, I want to be happier, more joyful. What I got was more than I could have dreamt, I got ME."
Sharon Simpson Joseph, Esq.

Don’s story

Don had worked for over 25 years at the same company. Although he respected and enjoyed his employer, he knew the work he was doing was not a true expression of who he was. He longed almost daily for a completely different type of career.

When Don came to me for coaching, he already had figured out what his next life chapter should look like. He employed my help to guide him through the challenging process of giving form to his essence, of connecting who he was with how he wanted to show up in the world. My coaching role included listening closely, asking relevant questions, challenging Don when needed, and holding him accountable to his commitments.

Don successfully overcame his self-limiting beliefs and saboteur voices, got rid of old habits and thought patterns, and adopted a new language centered on creating his chosen future. Today, Don is living his purpose, living his dream and he feels energized and alive everyday by his work. You can learn more about Don’s career and life reinvention here: www.dongallagher and follow his blog: CreatingConversationsThatMatter.com.

Here is what Don has to say how my coaching has helped him:

“Conny is a skilled and caring coach who heard things in our conversations that I couldn’t hear. She helped me push aside distractions in my mind to make room for new ideas, powerful dreams and creative actions. Perhaps most importantly, Conny supported me empathically with her strong people and listening skills.”

“If you’re ready to make important changes in your life and need a great coach alongside of you, I strongly recommend that you speak with Conny soon.”

Don Gallagher arrow